Society's Shackles

Society's Shackles


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Posted Feb 25, 2010 - 10:57 PM:
Subject: Societies shackles

What does this mean to you? For many this is correlated with the end of prejudice and slavery. Women’s suffrage and the end of lynch mobs seem to be the result. But this is not the truth. The persecution, the hate, the fear, has all just been moved to a different angle. These iron shackles have moved to our minds.

Society. Such a sweet word that holds so much malice. Because society is the tool that we have created to allow us to justify the persecution and suppression that have become the staple for our survival. The perfect example would be the classic “keeping up with the Jones’s”. We all like to point out how the spying on each other over the fence to see who is better-off is rude and not good for society. But all who say this don’t realize that they themselves do it. No matter what you do you will find yourselves looking sideways and competing with your neighbors, coworkers, and friends over the most meaningless things. You are thinking that this couldn’t be you. That this applies to everyone but you. What makes you different? What makes you special? Anyone candeny it. Anyone would tell you that they are the one exception. But before I flat out tell you that you are wrong I will simply ask you to go through one day without competing. Without being sarcastic. Without trying to one-up everyone else. Without hate or malice. Go one day without looking around and wishing that you had something better than your current lot. Try it.

And now that we have separated you from your sweet dream of individuality we should examine the social hierarchy. This most easily applies to school because they have conveniently created nicknames that can describe the different groups. As above any self-respecting teenager will tell you that they don’t fall into any of the stereotypical groups. No one will classify themselves as jocks, nerds, preps, geeks, skaters, etc. No one will admit that they model their clothes, their actions, their speech, and even their thoughts off of this heinous stereotype that they fit into. None will realize that their friends all fit into the same currently popular clique. All will proclaim their differences. We are all different that is true. But we all try be so alike that the differences are unnoticeable. We try and prove our individuality with the most minute things. But there is a simple test to prove this if you are still skeptical. Think to yourself. What is cool? Is that nerd with glasses that always has a nose in a book and dresses all weird cool? If you answered at all then that should be proof enough because you have just begun the classification that will inevitably lead to the filing that is the segregation of our society.

This classification is what I am trying to address here. Tell me. Did you walk down the hall and think “Oh that person is a so-and-so”? More appropriately did you walk down the hall and not think those words? This is the new prejudice. These cliques and groups are the new way for our minds to oppress and fulfill their desire to be powerful. When you classify someone as a geek or nerd you automatically place yourselves above them. You look down on them. When you classify yourself as a jock you look down at the non-athletic. Did Martin Luther King Jr. really change that much? We still compete. We still put down. Our minds are still shackled by the thinking that we can and are better than any other human being. This has imprisoned our ability think and feel. We are not free. If you look down or up at any other human being for the fickle things that you classify as important in you mind you are shutting your mind to free thought. You can change this. It will not be easy. Unshackle your mind. Take the key of knowledge and spread it. Don’t let yourself kill creativity and thought. BE FREE.


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Posted Feb 26, 2010 - 3:09 AM:

How do you propose we organize?
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Posted Feb 26, 2010 - 12:26 PM:

Isn't "looking down on people" an expression of freedom? If you were unable to "look down" on people wouldn't that mean that you are restricted in some way?
"Looking down on people" might often be bad taste, or at least common taste- people imitate other people; the identification of teenagers as belonging to separate "cliques" is social conformity to thinking and acting as though such groups exist (thus strengthening the reality of their existence), this is how morals come to be as well- social agreement and practice. This is not necessarily a bad thing though if you are one of the people who considers themself "above" such a way of thinking (like the teenage-clique case), someone of a higher taste, then you will have to bare the weight that comes from alienating yourself from the majority. We can all find comfort by burying our heads in public opinion; our own opinions are a much heavier burden when there are few in common to carry them with us.

Don't fool yourself- you are looking down on the people who look down on people in such a way that you find contemptible. You speak of "unshackling" and "freeing" in order to make your uncommon taste seem common- everyone "wants to be free" but not in the way you actually describe.
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Posted Feb 26, 2010 - 12:50 PM:

This type of mentality fades beyond high school.

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Posted Feb 27, 2010 - 1:36 AM:

If you find social pressure unnerving you should exempt yourself from it by ignoring it. Refusal to participate is the first step to individual freedom. There is no reason to care about what other people think when they are all jerks. You will be rid of them soon enough in any case.
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Posted Feb 27, 2010 - 3:26 AM:

I gather you're just not that happy as a member of society. Your sometimes eloquent rant reveals your disdain and contempt for us. I bid you take your leave. Do not hurry to rejoin us. wink

Seriously though, you need to think a little more about what your life would be like without society. Society, with all it's failings, imperfections and disappointments, is all that protects each and every one of us, yes, you included, from raw, uncaring, unforgiving nature.
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Posted Feb 27, 2010 - 1:00 PM:

Hi Lockephilosophe,

I'm not sure that what you want is actually humanly possible. You want to greet each new person you meet as if they were a completely fresh face, infering absolutely nothing about them from their manner of dress, appearance, the way that they talk etc etc. In short a blank canvas for each new person that we meet. The sheer mental processing power needed to do that would be enormous, and I don't think a society could be formed from people who thought in this way.

To explain, I once read a thesis that suggested that we don't actually see people as individuals, but rather as differences from stereotypes that we create to understand the world around us. It makes the understanding of people and the world as a whole, managable. So when you see your neighbour you don't actually see him, you see him as a set of differences from a stereotype of a face, a body type, a personality etc, Thus you may have a stereotypical vision of a white male, an athletic build and a liberal, and you see your neighbour as a white male with blue eyes slightly too close together and bald head, with an exceptionally tall athletic body, and with a liberal view on most things except say abortion.

The argument for this view was that the alternative way of seeing people, would be to see and assess every single aspect about every single person we meet, and that would be unworkable. Also even relatively small changes in a person, such as wearing glasses, would effectively mean you would need a mental understanding of that person wearing glasses as well as one without, instead of one mental understanding of said person, with and without glasses.

Don't know if this is true or not, its been an aweful long time since I did psych, but as a theory it did make good sense, and if it is correct it makes any possibility of your seeing each and every person with fresh eyes, completely impossible. In any case, even if its wrong, I see no way that anyone, other then a complete amnesiac with no long term memory at all and thus always meeting people for the first time, could ever see people with fresh eyes. Such people of course are not capable of forming a society.

As for not comparing ourselves with others, the only way I can imagine doing this, would be to live completely apart from others, so you don't see them an thus have nothing to compare, again not good from the point of view of creating / runing a society.

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Posted Feb 27, 2010 - 6:35 PM:

lookephilosophe wrote:
Because society is the tool that we have created to allow us to justify the persecution and suppression that have become the staple for our survival.

Society is the tool that was created to facilitate the survival of the race.

lookephilosophe wrote:
Go one day without looking around and wishing that you had something better than your current lot. Try it.

I'll try it after you.

lookephilosophe wrote:
Is that nerd with glasses that always has a nose in a book and dresses all weird cool?

OOOOPPPSSS. Looks like you failed.

lookephilosophe wrote:
You can change this. It will not be easy. Unshackle your mind. Take the key of knowledge and spread it. Don’t let yourself kill creativity and thought. BE FREE.

Are you by any chance a reincaenation of Michwal Jackson?

He said we shold change by looking at the man in the mirror. Look what happened to him, even he did not like what he saw and wanted to be a whiteman.

While a lot of prejudice is created by society, we should not forget that society is a creation of all of its members. Prejudice is not and individual thing, it is about groups. What really needs to happen is better integration of the different groups that form society so that they can learn about each other and not fear the other side.
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