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Should public nudity be legal?

Should public nudity be legal?
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Posted Feb 19, 2013 - 3:47 AM:

mayor of simpleton wrote:

The vast majority of humans look much better with clothing on them rather than naked. Sure having to see many of them in the "current fashion rage" is bad enough, but the alternative of seeing them naked would make me wish to go blind.

Have you considered that you feeling this way is a product of your growing up in a society where clothing is mandatory? Had you been born on a relatively warm region of this planet where people were free to be publicly nude, perhaps you would view the human body with less abhorrence. After all, it would be no big deal to you, as you would have grown up with nudity being the norm. Personally, the only people I wouldn't wish to see naked are the people who don't look good in clothes anyway.

As far as the question goes, I think the practice of public nudity should be anyone's right, no matter how butt-ugly they may be. On a broader subject relating to that, I don't believe in imposing laws against forms of expression that some people subjectively regard as obscene.

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Posted Feb 19, 2013 - 5:36 AM:

As soon as someone starts to criticise another person or group's fabric ensemble it only initiates a a response where the person will do more to cause more criticism.

Like when teenagers are told not to wear hoodies, and over night everyone is wearing hoodies, even younger adults becoming rebellious. Mothers that were told not to get their bosoms out in public while feeding their children - same thing again, young mothers (and some old mothers) were now choosing to openly breast feed in public exposing their large breasts (except in those countries where the reprimand was public execution).

Public nudity should be down to personal license. Everyone should be Free to wear what they like. Another example is where men will say, "she was half naked, and she asked for it." AND the law will sometimes have sympathy for this explanation. Freedom is the principle at work here.

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