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Is communism inevitable?

Is communism inevitable?

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Posted May 28, 2013 - 4:16 AM:

George Asare wrote:
First, let me define communism. Communism (or socialism, if you prefer, they mean the same thing) is a global classless, stateless, wageless, moneyless society where the means of productions re commonly owned and democratically controlled and the doctrine "to each according to his/her ability to each according to his/her need prevails.

Through the use of historical materialism, Marx and Engels explained how all previous modes of production went through periods of ascendancy - when the social relations promote the development of the productive forces - but that eventually the productive forces develop to the point that they outgrow the social relations, which become a fetter on their future development. The mode of production then becomes decadent. And if a new set of social relations aren't put into place - through a revolution - then the mode of production stagnates and rots on its feet, undermining the very conditions that make a new mode of production viable.

It's both inevitable and impossible.

It's inevitable because human psyche desires it so much. It's impossible because the world and human beings themselves do not operate and are not structured (built) for either communism or socialism.
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