Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends


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Posted May 27, 2008 - 4:27 PM:
Subject: Imaginary Friends


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Posted May 27, 2008 - 6:07 PM:

Since your friend is compliant and entertaining, could you ask them to post here? That would verify that they are as real as you and I. But has it occured to you that you may be the imaginary friend of your friend? If it has, then you must be real, because such a thought could not occur to an imaginary person - at least, so Descartes says, but see what your imaginary friend thinks, and let us know.
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Posted May 27, 2008 - 6:52 PM:

essary1 wrote:
the topic I wanted to talk about was the verification of my imaginary friends and if anyone here has ever had one or experiments with there mentality like this.

My strange mental state is not so much imaginary friends as it is a "split brain"; what I mean by this is that it seems like I have two independent consciousnesses. One is an intellectual, rational consciousness that never by itself interacts with the world; the information which that consciousness processes is funneled through a second one, which speaks and interacts with the environment readily. This second one acts on a perceptual level and acts purely on its own whims, without much thought behind its actions. However, the first is what regulates the actions and words of the second. In my head, it is often the case that I will make comments to myself which begin in second-person, that is "you probably shouldn't have done that" or "you don't think so, do you?" I will sometimes, in private of course, refer to myself as "we" to represent the two consciousnesses.

But to return to the original question, my imaginary friend is not something which I take to be a representation of myself outside of myself. Rather, it is quite consciously a representation inside myself, but it does nevertheless fulfill a necessary cognitive function. This split between the two was probably created by me sometime in my early life as I began to recognize the difference between the two: the rational (conceptual) and the animal (perceptual). By referring to each other as "you", it is a way of ensuring that my mind is an integrated self, between the emotional and the rational. The rational first regulates the emotional second, and everything the rational first is filtered through the emotional second to ground the conclusions in reality.

To answer the inevitable question, the second consciousness is the one which is writing right now. But what the second says is monitored and changed by the first. Neither are, in a sense, imaginary; but the split between them is.

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Posted May 27, 2008 - 7:39 PM:


Did you first meet your imaginary friend in an adult toy store and have to inflate her when you got home?

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Posted May 28, 2008 - 1:04 AM:

I had a delusion about about a pantheistic being once. The event had its origin in some day dreams about a little pet dragon (sort of like Peat's Dragon) which was invisible to everyone but retained a good store of timeless wisdom. He could shape shift at will and so could be anything, sometimes was everything at once and was just a voice.

There was a period where I thought I was experiencing something like Jung's synchronicity, like I had fallen into the center of some stream of being. It felt like there was being (conscious presence or breath) in everything.

I gave my pantheistic god the name of proteus.

I'm still chasing that high. I want to return to the delusion that the world is alive, a consciousness which is plural and singular at the same time with which we can commune.


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Posted May 29, 2008 - 2:32 AM:


for good

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