How to avoid solipsism on interpretation?

Title How to avoid solipsism on interpretation?
Message Text Meaning, reference, speech acts... When reading I always get the feeling that I did not get right what the writer wanted to say or that I am concluding something that the writer did not. Alright, then. I start to read something about hermeneutics, but the problem still exists: again, I will have to interpretate the text that tells me how to interpretate. Does this leads me to solipsism? How do I know if I know well the rules of the use of words in the philosophic language-game? When reading a text do we always undestand what we want or there's a way to avoid it? If the right one is the latter, should we try to figure out what the text wanted to say or what the writer wanted to say?

P.S.: I apologize for the eventual grammar mistakes I have commited and my poor english speaking.
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