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Metaphysics: The reports of its death are greatly exaggerated. What does a metaphysics in the wake of postmodernism look like? A purely differential ontology (Deleuze?) or an ontology of the Real (Lacan?) Is this the right question?

Time: How to account for this thing we call time? If temporality traverses all things, what are the implications of this? Can we begin to think durationally? Do we have any other choice?

Ethics: If the gap between 'is' and 'ought' cannot be closed, ethical action can then only be 'accounted' for as creative interventions into the aporias that the world confronts us with. But how to understand the momentous implications of such novel acts of transformation?

Immanence: Deleuze called the thought of immanence the vertigo of philosophy. What would an affirmation of such a vertigo entail? Can it be done?

Bodies, Affectivity and Materiality: What can a body do? And not just human bodies, but all bodies - animal, social, ecological, ideational, geological, cosmological, political. And how can we understand them to be material?

Truth and Events: What is an event? How does it relate to truth? Provisionally: Truth as the index of veracity, an Event that constitutes itself(?) in the form of a regime of sensible distribution.

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious Subject: What and how are our psychic lives structured? The unconscious speaks, no doubt, but how can we hear it?

Individuation and the New: How does novelty appear in the world? Is it possible to speak of processes of creation not constrained by the "empirical"? What can we understand by the "empirical"?

Freedom: What if freedom where to be thought from the perspective of individuation, rather than from causes and effects? In order to disentangle the mangled debate between 'free will' and 'determinism', how can we effect a thinking of freedom that moves below and across these reified terms?

Language: How can we think of language in a non-referential manner? Language as an event of sense, rather than a pale reflection of the world? Whence the materiality and the positive being of language?

The Negative: Lyotard once said that we don't really know what negativity is. Yet it's ubiquity demands confrontation - are we up to the challenge? How?


Materialist axiom of thought:

"To think is to think otherwise. We think only otherwise."
- François Zourabichvili


Materialist formula of Being:

Materialism = Weak Nature + the Stratification of Immanence

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