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Location: Bella Vista, AR


Occupation: Author/Artist/Singer-Songwriter

Birthdate: March 13, 1962 (56 years old)

Interests: Philosophy, Learning, Writing, Intelligent Conversation

Biography: Baeli's debut mainstream fiction offering, Achilles Forjan, is difficult to nail down. Baeli refers to this book as "a genre-bending, psychological, suspenseful, legal and medical mystery." Writer's Literary says, "This is a marketable story. It has all of the necessary elements: good characterization; interesting and well-described settings; authentic-sounding dialogue, and what's more, Baeli is a superb writer! This is some of the best work we've ever seen here at WL." A freelance writer and editor, Baeli is staunchly independent in a more and more political publishing industry. She does all her own design, typography, editing, and marketing. She is the creator and administrator of the forum, Atypical Lesbians, she is a vocalist, mixed media artist, webmaster, therapeutic touch masseuse, as well as a voluminous songwriter with over 200 songwriting credits. She creates Independent CD's in her project studio, and enjoys pottery, sculpture, painting, and building rustic furniture. She confesses to being "Used by the Museā„¢." Baeli's newest mainstream novel, Baggage, is available now. Feedback, Praises, First-Born Children and donations are cheerfully accepted via her site.

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