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Location: Wasilla, Alaska

Occupation: Autodidact

Birthdate: January 12, 1990 (27 years old)

Interests: The Voyage.

Biography: If only language could be my canvas, words my expression of drawing subtle gestures: The back ground tapestry of eraser marks and sketches of you – a silhouette so eloquent and beautiful, riddled only with but an artist’s hand; although, this is but a dream tampered softly in the echo: The waking waves scream and sing of your movements, your breathings, your heart’s pumping. This canvas of language tells a story of words that dwell deeper than the depths of the canvas from which it reads. The heart sobs from within with grace and wonders bewildering the imagination, a story for which only she can tell. So she tilts her head, and pierces the fabric of my being with two requests: “Will you draw me? Will you look upon me with but an artist’s hand, sketching and forming me with but only your words? With your language, take your mouth and speak poetically; seduce with the words of a poet, spoken since antiquity, treaded since the dawn of romanticism – an art so lovely the world quaked to hear it tread softly.” So I drew with the words of an artist; fervent rigor my tools, words my fruition of passion to bare: “So lovely are you, so quaint and rambunctious you, so passionate are you, and so wordless am I. Silence is truly all I know to draw of you, for the beauty that persists upon you conjures false hope for an artist to bare words for you. Instead look upon me and I upon you – let our hearts draw us together, and paint a picture of silence.” -Gabreal Robertson

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