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Location: [virgo supercluster [local group [milky way [sol III [northern hemisphere [-7/8hrs gmt]]]]]]

Biography: ... i'm a freethinker (rejecting faith-based beliefs (i.e. appeals to authority), fact-free practices & magical thinking), a left libertarian (re: political demarchy + economic democracy + time-credit mutualism) & an entropist -- my own coinage referring to the fact that global disorder always increases & local order increases global disorder, which entails that the living are always already dead just as existence is always already extinction (i.e. "anterior posteriority") -- reflecting on ways in which agency can benefit -- flourish -- from disorder (uncertainty (re: meta-cognition), contingency (re: meta-physics) & conflict (re: meta-ethics)). my problematics: agonist ethics (via fidelity-agency) + fallibilist epistemology (via reflexivity/complexity-blind normativity) + materialist ontology (via contingency-extinction) ...

> (some) mis/readings …

>> books i'll never finish writing:

Critique of Pure Stupidity
Prolegomena to Any Future Stupidity
Minima Metaphysica
Summa Atheologica
("theism is false")
No Gods, No Slaves (the ultimate free-rider problem & how it cognitively persists)
Cannibal Faith (how theodicy produces dystopia (or 'how empires eat their young!'))
Intelligence: Designed (ecological problem-solving --> aptitude for denying reality)
All That Is Excellent (non-euclidean spinozism)
Ontological Blues & Musical Jubilation
No Slaves, No Souls
(posthuman plasticity)
The Birth of Music Out of the Spirit of Tragedy (spirituals, blues & jazz as "philosophical investigations")
Ecstasies & Extinctions (subjects w/o subjectivity, objectivity w/o objects)
Questions Problems Conflicts (anti-methods)
Time Money God (levels of systemic control / othering)
Sublime Absurd Irreal (how order fractalizes - generates - disorder)
Meta Meta (-physics & -cognition) 
Shit Happens (defining "matter")
Why I Am Not A Believer (degrees of disbelief, negative bayesianism)
Right to My Life (con - execution murder & suicide; pro - abortion self-defense & euthanasia)
Failure (an intellectual memoir)
Have Intellect, Will Travel (how tool-makers are made eusocial by tool-making)
Mere Stupidity (how false hopes scapegoat false fears via magical thinking, wishful thinking & groupthink)
Why I Am So Decadent (Nietzsche's anti-nietzscheanism)
The World As It Found Me (now that i've thrown away Wittgenstein's Ladder ...)
Imago Hominis (AI & other primate gods)
Ends (the end of thought, the end of nature & ends-in-themselves as foils to human stupidity aka "entropism")
You Are Not A You
Why "God Did (or Said) It" Isn't Even Wrong
Moron in the Mirror
(failure of meta-cognitivity, or that the human brain fools itself to such an extent it 'believes' (1) that the brain doesn't cause 'believing' and (2) that the brain doesn't fool itself (e.g. self-continuity, ego-identity ... & other noocentric illusions))

>>> you're probably a sucker if you

- seek / fixate on answers to the wrong questions (or solutions to the wrong problems)
- console (false) fears with (false) hopes
- strive to keep that which is easy to lose
- commit to that which can't be controlled (or you can't control)
- trap yourself in routines (means-to-ends) at the expense, or to the exclusion, of play (ends-in-themselves)
- trust agents who lack 'skin-in-the-game' (i.e. who pay no price for being wrong / deceitful)
- trust suckers ...


"non-sucker's Rule of 2" --

1. avoid co-dependency (e.g. monogamy, religion, etc); friendship & civics suffice

NB: i understand 'the highest form of love' to be friendship (convergence of mutual interests, mutual enjoyment and/or mutual well-being) and 'the highest form of friendship' to be solidarity (collaborative resistance to normative -- state, corporate, clerical, communal, familial -- injustices) because, needing everything from ecology-community in order to flourish, we owe more than we can ever repay in order to sustain ecology-community (re: fidelity).

2. avoid dependency on whatever can be (easily) taken away from you or that which you can't (fully) control (e.g. fame, wealth, power, promises, forecasts, etc); erudition & integrity suffice

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