The Basics

To make a regular reply, click the 'Post Reply' button inside the topic at the top or bottom. Note: you need to be registered and logged in before you can post.

There are also internal replies, inside a post. These are limited to 100 characters, intended for brief "I agree" type responses only. They're available to you only when a sponsor has already replied to your post, or when you are a sponsor yourself. Click "+ Reply Internally" when present to do an internal reply.
You must register in order to post. In doing so, note that you must provide a valid email address and you will have to check that email to click a link to activate your account. This is necessary in order to slow down banned members who re-register thousands of times -- at least this way they have to create new email accounts.

Also note that some IP ranges are blocked from registering due to having been used by banned members. If you get a message to that effect, feel free to use the contact form to contact the administration.
You cannot delete your account, but you may contact the administration to request account deactivation/removal. If you have no posts or only a couple of posts, we'll delete your account. If you have more posts, we'll keep but deactivate your account so that people can continue to see your posts organized under your profile.
Go to the applicable forum and click the "New Topic" button at the top. Note: you need to be registered and logged in before you can post.
You can copy and paste the post and use the [quote] WSN code to quote a portion of a post, or you can click the quote button in the upper right corner of the post to quote it in its entirity. If you do the latter, please edit the quoted material down to what's important out of respect for the time and scrolling of readers.
In the thread where you posted, click the pen and notepad icon to the left of the date posted.